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How Dealer Data enhances your existing DMS Software

Dealership CRM Software Australia - DMS Solutions for your Automotive, agricultural & earthmoving dealership.

Dealer Data is the ideal Dealership CRM solution for your business

Possessing a strong and targeted CRM strategy is fundamental to your overall dealership success. Dealer Data is here to provide your business with the best software integration solution. Our CRM-DMS software integration adds additional versatility by enhancing your existing Dealership Management System via its numerous features. Your dealership is then able to easily view and manage customer information, whilst also maximising sales opportunities and deliver a wide range of successful targeted marketing campaigns.
Our Dealership CRM Software Australia solution provides centralised customer management for your business in order to establish long lasting, strong & reciprocal relationships, create rich customer experiences, and deliver personalised marketing campaigns and sales strategies. With the ability to integrate with numerous industry DMS platforms, such as Pentana Solutions, Titan DMS, Auto IT and Tune DMS, you are able to seamlessly connect all your systems in one place. Let our Dealer Data software simplify your business processes, campaigns and strategies and help you exceed your customer’s needs and expectations.
Dealer Data is a web based CRM software program that supercharges your dealership by interacting daily with your DMS. The software assists you in easily communicating with your customers throughout the dealership customer lifecycle. With the ability to access customer information via the cloud based CRM database, Dealer Data’s CRM Software Australia solution has the ability to increase customer retention via the creation of personalised automated sales campaigns, service reminders and customer satisfaction and experience surveys. Targeted sales and marketing strategies are then able to be delivered to your desired market, helping you to reach a much wider audience than ever before!
Dealer Data Dealership CRM Software Australia


Dealer Data CRM Software Australia Benefits

Dealer Data provides fully automated Dealership CRM Software Australia solutions for an array of businesses. It is a robust software platform, delivered via cloud-based technology for your dealership, accessible any time, anywhere. The CRM software simplifies and automates numerous tasks for your dealership and enables you to continuously connect with your customer base, saving you both time, effort and money.

Using various channels, such as emails, telephone calls and SMS, customers can be provided with real-time service reminders, notified of upcoming sales events and limited offers, receive surveys after their car service or delivery of their new car to help with the manufacturer’s customer service benchmarks and receive targeted marketing campaigns.

Dealer Data is a highly versatile, cost effective and flexible CRM software solution for you and your business. With a monthly subscription available, Dealer Data has no lock in contracts and zero set up fees for ultimate peace of mind. Offering daily integration with all your DMS data, Dealer Data’s software offers unlimited users on the platform, unlimited vehicles and is both fully automated and scalable to meet your specific business requirements.

Dealer Data offers entirely automated service campaigns for your customers, including service due, lapsed service and first complimentary service reminders. The software also enables you to contact customers and provide them with surveys regarding their after service and after sales experiences. Various tools are also available to aid in the development of customised marketing campaigns to your customers in your database.

No Lock in Contract Periods

No Setup Fees

Fully Automated

Cost Effective Monthly Subscription

Versatile & Flexible

Cloud Based CRM

Fully Scalable

Daily Integration with your Existing DMS

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Vehicles

How is Dealer Data Different?

Dealer Data offers dealerships a multitude of benefits. The software’s advantageous features can ultimately boost your overall business’ success, whether you are a single franchise, single location dealership or part of a multi-franchise and multi-location dealership group. By using our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, you are able to capture and connect with your customer base in many different ways on various platforms, encapsulating and emphasising your customer centric workflow and processes.

Dealer Data Dealership CRM Software Australia Features:

Dealer Data’s CRM Software Integration Features
VERSUS Your Current DMS

Features Dealer Data Auto IT Tune DMS Dealer Socket Titan DMS
Unlimited Users at no extra cost
No Lock In Contract
No Set Up Fees
Fully Automated Custom Made Core CRM Campaigns (included in the FREE Setup)

The Advantages Of Utilising A Cloud Based CRM For Your Business

To use Dealer Data’s cloud based CRM software, all that is needed is a reliable internet connection. Our cloud based CRM system offers quick and easy installation and is a cost-effective solution for your dealership as we charge a monthly subscription with no lock in contracts.

Some of Dealer Data’s CRM Software Australia benefits include:


Why is Dealer Data Software Integration the Best CRM Solution For Your Dealership?

Dealer Data is the ideal customer-oriented, digital CRM software solution for your dealership, integrating and enhancing your current Dealership Management System. We can integrate with any DMS, providing you can supply us with a CSV export of your data. Our software provides your dealership with the best CRM solution with its multitude of features and its ability to reach a much wider audience than ever before!

Some of the many advantages of using Dealer Data CRM Software Integration include:

Enriching and Streamlining Customer Experiences

Dealer Data’s software integration can help you personalise your engagement with new and existing clientele.

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Enriching and Streamlining Customer Experiences

Dealer Data’s integrated CRM-DMS software integration solution aids in centralising customer data on a cloud based CRM database, in order to amplify their experiences via specific insights and customer-centric workflows.
Dealership Management System - Reporting suite

Accelerating Sales Performance and Boosting Accountability

Allow Dealer Data's real time insights and tailored reports increase your dealership's sales performance and productivity.

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Accelerating Sales Performance and Boosting Accountability

Create a culture of accountability and accelerate sales performance in your dealership by making actionable decisions backed by real time software data insights and customisable reports.

Informed Marketing Strategies & Targeted Campaigns

An effective and customised marketing strategy is vital to your dealership's long term success, allowing you to form enduring connections with your target audience.

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Informed Marketing Strategies & Targeted Campaigns

Developing a highly customised marketing strategy that is tailored to your specific business needs is vital to your dealership’s long term success. It can also impact your ability to establish & foster long lasting, profitable and loyal customer relationships. An effective marketing strategy specifically targets the most suitable customers for your business and product or service offerings.
Dealership Management After sales service

Personalise Your CRM

Dealer Data's software provides your dealership with the best CRM solution with its multitude of features. Reach a much larger audience than ever before!

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Personalise Your CRM Experiences

Customer Relationship Management is a vital business tool that transforms your customer relationships, providing an ideal way for you to engage with your clientele and gain thier trust and loyalty well into the future. By personalising your specific CRM experience for your customers, you are able to exceed their needs and optimise your dealership’s profitability.

Accessible Anywhere,
Any Time

Dealer Data’s cloud based CRM software allows dealerships of any size or location to access vital customer information in real time.

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Accessible Anywhere, Any Time

Dealer Data is an ideal cloud based solution for your automotive, agricultural or earthmoving dealership and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Our CRM Software Australia solution can help any business of any size. Gain peace of mind from any location, with dealership owners being able to access real time information at the click of a button.
Dealership Management System - Customer Management

Independent & Franchise Dealership Management

Dealer Data's CRM software offers an array of benefits - whether you are a single location dealership or a multi-franchise & multi-location dealership group.

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Independent & Franchise Dealership Management

No matter the size of your dealership, Dealer Data’s CRM Software offers a multitude of benefits and advantages. Whether you are an independently owned single franchise, single location dealership or a multi-franchise and multi-location dealership group. By using our software integration solution, you're able to capture and connect with your customer base on a variety of platforms.

Dealer Data is a software solution you can trust!

We endeavour to create smarter dealerships by guiding them towards success with a combination of productivity based tools, marketing innovation, sales strategies and management technology. We provide dealers with the most productive CRM software solution to help create successful and efficient businesses that generate the highest ROI and revenue, whilst ensuring the highest customer retention and overall satisfaction.

Dealership CRM Software Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a dealership CRM?

A. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and all types of businesses use a CRM system to store customer data and manage relationships in an effective way.

It’s an ideal way for your entire dealership to have a centralised location for storing existing and prospective customer information, leads, and opportunities. A CRM system for auto dealerships helps connect with customers across various channels, such as email, form submissions, social channels, SMS, live chat and phone calls. A dealership CRM should be fast and efficient and can be integrated with diverse online tools and resources that the business is using to generate sales.

Q. What is the best dealer management software?

A. The best dealership management software and CRM tools allows you to proficiently manage all aspects of your dealership.

Your dealer management software enables you to store allcustomer contact information, identify sales and service opportunities, record customer satisfaction survey responses, and automatically manage targeted and timely marketing campaigns with your customers throughout the lifecycle of their vehicle, all from one centralised location. Effective dealer management software enables you to make information about every customer interaction available to anyone at your company who may require it.

Q. How do you retain happy, loyal customers?

A. Retaining loyal and happy customers is essential to every business’ success. When you utilise customised follow-up processes which are tailored to an individual buyer’s needs and wants, you are more likely to keep your customers happy and foster positive relationships well into the future.

Implementing a customer centric approach via personalised communication delivery and using effective Customer Relationship Management Software Systems, greatly assist in retaining customers via targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

Q. Are your integrations seamless?

The Dealer Data’s CRM Software Integration is stress-free and seamless for your dealership to implement

If the software integration isn’t such, you are likely stuck with incomplete or slow-moving deals, low customer retention and poor sales figures. Effective software integrations like Dealer Data’s, helps you tie information back to the customer record and provide visibility into team performance and sales. The Dealer Data CRM Software Australia integration with your DMS can ultimately transform your dealership’s success!

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